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Score Sheets – general

Score sheets – TSC Club Days Only

Current Word List

CSW 2019 2s 3s 4s   CSW 2019 2s 3s 4s   

Collins Scrabble Words INITIATION KIT  May 2019:   CSW19 Initiation Kit

This is more than lists of words unique to CSW 2019.  It gives:  meanings, parts of speech, plurals, hooks, vowel heavy  words, JQXZ words – and more.


NZASP Website:  NZASP Website

Rules of Play June 2022

 Slack- Getting Started & Using

National Ratings:   Ratings

Mt Albert Scrabble Club: MTA Scrabble Club

Word-lookup and tournament adjudication apps:

Zyzzyva:  On windows, Click on Collins Zyzzyva Scroll down to Collins Zyzzyva.  Choose Windows Zyzzyva 5.1.0.  Choose the CSW2019 lexicon.

ULU:   (Ultimate Lookup Utility).  This can be used on iPhone.  Choose the CSW2019 lexicon.

Online Scrabble:  For those who wish to play online games of scrabble, where whole games are completed at the one sitting instead of one turn at a  time, click on ISC  for the Internet Scrabble Club. (akaWordBiz).  For NZ players choose the English UK dictionary  – CSW2019 aka SOWPODS

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