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Welcome to the Tauranga Scrabble Club. 

weve moved

  We meet on Tuesday mornings.  New members welcome.

 We have moved to The Tauranga Citizens Club,  170 Thirteenth Ave, Tauranga South, Tauranga 3112.   


Please be there before 9.20 a.m.   f9.20.jpgor a 9.30 a.m.  start.9.30.jpg.

A map of  OUR NEW LOCATION can be seen at the bottom of every page.

Enquiries: Phone Jo Ann:  07-578 3606   Barbara:  07-544 8372   Pam:  027-746 4850

or Contact us by email from here.

Links to Items of Interest on Other Pages:

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Recent news.  

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Whangarei, Kiwi & Tauranga entry forms have been added.

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The results of the National tournament been added. 

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A Map of Our Location (can be seen at the bottom of every page)